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@Ericsson has announced achieving speeds of #400Gbps across @Telstra ‘s transmission network in Melbourne in partnership with telecommunications equipment and software provider @Ciena. The demonstration, which made use of 61.5GHz spectrum, constituted the highest ever spectral efficiency per fibre pair in a live setting of 30.4Tbps. The previous record was 25.6Tbps, according to the companies. Telstra deployed Ciena’s WaveLogic Ai modem technology on the 6500 Packet-Optical Platform, which is managed and controlled by Ciena’s software-defined platform Liquid Spectrum and Blue Planet Manage Control Plan (MCP) domain controller. Ericsson then provided the end-to-end supply, installation, and integration of upgraded optical equipment into the transmission network, as well as managing the deployment of technology for the 400Gbps demonstration. “Telstra has deployed the industry’s first fully programmable coherent modem in the world developed by Ciena. It offers up to three times data capacity and enables up to 60 percent reduction in power per bit compared to the modem technology currently deployed in the Telstra network,” the companies explained.

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