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#Alphabet ’s GOOGL #Google and #Microsoft MSFT shared the spotlight last week. Google continued its attempts to win over music labels even as the EU issued a fresh statement of objections attacking it. Microsoft on the other hand had a successful partner conference and scored an important win against the DoJ with positive implications for many technology companies. Google Piracy Report for Music Labels The problems of streaming music continue for Google’s #YouTube as the company’s renegotiations with music labels #UniversalMusic Group, #Sony Music and #WarnerMusic Group have reportedly seen some hurdles. Google has now published the “How Google Fights Piracy” report, which says that its Content ID system has paid a billion dollars to copyright holders since 2014 and $2 billion during its lifetime (since 2007) in addition to $3 billion paid otherwise. Google shares its advertising revenue with copyright holders, so this may be what constitutes the other payments. Google also says that more than 90% of copyright holders prefer to monetize copyright infringing material uploaded rather than block it. The problem seems to be that these copyright holders are required to scour the site to find the cases of infringement, which is both time consuming and expensive. Also playing spoilsport is a new report released by Midia Research, which claims that YouTube’s $740 million payment to rights holders represented a 15% increase compared to a 132% increase in music streaming, implying a reduction in the rate charged from customers. However, this doesn’t seem to be a YouTube only problem because other services like Spotify also follow the policy of lower rates with all-you-can-eat subscription models that increase payments to rights holders over time.

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