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Tapeless backup seems like a delayed promise. But, #EMC and two startups have made that promise a reality.

Back in 2004, the drop in SATA HD prices didn’t go unnoticed. At the time, I managed a small data center and quickly became fed up with managing tapes. Backup windows were too high and physical tape management was tedious. I decided to purchase an inexpensive Promise direct-attached storage (DAS) array and backup directly to disk. The Promise array held approximately 15 disks, providing about 4.5 TB of raw disk space. I made the array a target for my #ARCserve backup software. It increased my backup times and allowed me to archive to tape during the day. By today’s standard, that solution was a hack. However, it was a preamble to tapeless backup. Now, it’s worth taking the time to examine the modern day options for tapeless.

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