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When #SDN technology first emerged, debates raged about whether controller interfaces should be north- or south-bound. But today, an industry consensus has been reached – and so the #T-SDN controller uses an open #NBI. However, this is only the first step towards a truly open transport network ecosystem.

We believe that in the near future, using controllers’ open NBIs for quick and convenient service innovation will be the deciding factor in creation of a prosperous transport network ecosystem. Because transport technology has a high level of technical complexity, employees are required to have a high level of technical and operation expertise, and service innovation also requires high level software programming skills. This has resulted in transport service innovation having a very high employee expertise threshold for a number of years. Providing an intuitive and accessible transport service development environment is key to lowering this threshold.

The TSAP platform, through low-level interfaces and basic programming design suite, enables the controller’s NBI to achieve the integration of ICT programming ability and modular visualization. This greatly reduces the threshold for programming innovation, and supports service innovation by either carriers or third-parties. In addition, as an open platform for innovation, TSAP can help carriers to quickly respond to service requirements; achieve flexibility, innovation, and autonomous programming; better manage their increasingly complex transport networks; and calmly deal with newly arising challenges. The TSAP is aimed at encouraging the industry towards co-innovation, and creating a mutually prosperous transport network ecology

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