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Nexenta, (@Nexenta) the global leader in Open Source-driven Software-Defined Storage ( #OpenSDS ), today announced that #NetNordic, an independent systems integrator, specialising in networking solutions and cloud-based services, has chosen NexentaStor to create a centralised storage repository for the company and its customer base. Founded in 2001, NetNordic is comprised of two main departments – Network Solutions and Enterprise Communications. Between these business entities, the company boasts more than 80 operators and 300 enterprise and government customers throughout Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. NetNordic’s business was growing rapidly and with an increasing number of customers, it found that its storage solution was struggling and suffering from high latency and low availability. In fact, the latency would on occasion spike so high that it made the ESX freeze – a huge performance flaw that was impacting the level of service provided to customers. NetNordic made the decision to review the market and opted for Software-Defined Storage ( #SDS ) as it offered greater value for money and would provide the scalability needed for the coming years. NetNordic turned to NexentaStor, which is now the organisation’s centralised storage repository for its own business, as well as its customers. NetNordic currently uses the snapshot function for backups, and is looking to buy another Nexenta system to replicate the snapshots to another site. NetNordic has also been highly impressed by Nexenta’s compression. While its previous solution had very little available space, NexentaStor offered an extra 1TB of data with compression turned on.

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