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Nearly all the biggest names in media and technology descended on Sun Valley this week. Also in the mix: #spidersilk, #quantumphysics and #truckingnetworks. Each year, the exclusive conference in Idaho, famous for its deal-making and tycoon crowd, spotlights a handful of young companies. The three startups set to present this Saturday are tackling problems far afield from the work of the television and film moguls strolling the resort: #BoltThreads Inc. makes bio-engineered fabrics; #Rigetti Computing is building a #quantumcomputer; and #ConvoyInc. makes trucking software. The firms confirmed their participation but declined to comment further. The sessions at the conference, hosted by investment bank Allen & Co., are off the record. Yet the chosen startups fit what was described by attendees as a consistent theme at the conference: artificial intelligence and its possibilities. All three also demonstrate the tech industry’s attempt to use cutting-edge research in other industries — and the sector’s growing influence at the yearly confab.

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