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Startup @StorageOS launches software-defined storage ( #SDS ) for containers. Development teams choose a targeted #Docker volume in a container and provision storage and data services.

Software startup @StorageOS has launched its first product in an effort to solve thorny problems hindering adoption of containers in primary storage.

StorageOS software providespersistent storage to containerized applications and adds data protection and management features for Docker volumes. Concerns about data persistence and lack of integrated data protection are obstacles for providing storage for containers.

The vendor’s eponymous software-defined storage product is a container-based virtual storage array (VSA). It allows application development teams to provision storage to each individual Docker volume inside a container, within rules set by storage administrators. The VSA distribution is a prepackaged #Linux ISO image file based on Ubuntu, containing the full Docker runtime.

A StorageOS beta version is available for development teams building applications with containers. A commercial edition is slated for general availability in September. StorageOS said its product paves the way for deploying enterprise-grade persistent storage containers in production.

“At the moment, containers are very focused on making it easy for developers to build and scale new applications,” said Chris Brandon, CEO at StorageOS. “We want to do the same thing for storage, but we’re conscious of the need to include governance, operational procedures and rules to meet the compliance requirements enterprises have in a production environment.”

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