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Here’s what experts have to say about these two tech giants. So far as anyone knows, the late Steve Jobs, high-tech guru that he was, never wrote a coulda-been bestseller called “The #Apple Way.” Nor @BillGates “The #Microsoft Way.” Nor @MichaelDell “The #Dell Way.” But #Lenovo, the Beijing-based company known for its PC laptops and smartphones, may just have enough corporate hubris to match its $6.7 billion market capitalization. It has a book out called “The Lenovo Way,” a 2014 chronicle of how its management methods have burnished a global workforce “for optimal performance.” Optimal performance in the investment world is another story, though. And as an over-the-counter stock, Lenovo stock has slumped a staggering 56 percent over the last 12 months, trading at $12 per share. That might not seem to compute, given that Lenovo shipped more personal computers in the last three months of 2015 than any other company – including its Taiwanese rival, #AsusTek Computer, more commonly known as Asus. Asus finished fourth in the fourth quarter, shipping less than half as many units as Lenovo. It also has roughly 40 percent of Lenovo’s market share: 7.9 percent versus 20.3 percent, according to Gartner, a Connecticut company that tracks the high-tech industry.

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