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Advanced analytics provider #Statistica has announced the launch of #StatisticaEdge and a new Internet of Things ( #IoT ) partner program. The Statistica Edge is designed to help organizations make informed business decisions, with the new offering also allowing firms to move beyond scoring to deploy advanced analytics and data prep workflows with conditional logic to edge devices and gateways. Statistica is also launching a new IoT partner program that addresses the industry’s lack of end-to-end single-vendor solutions that are available to help companies successfully manage their IoT initiatives. This program can help IoT technology providers to use advanced analytics and assist their customers in making informed and timely decisions. It will also help the companies to develop new innovations in the IoT industry. Statistica Edge is built on the company’s Native Distributed Analytics Architecture and allows users to distribute data preparation and analytic workflows to any edge device. Leveraging a Rules Builder node that can be deployed directly on a gateway or edge device, Statistica Edge enables users to perform data prep tasks, execute models, and make conditional model execution and decisions directly where the data lives. This eliminates the need of moving data back to a central repository, thus saving time and enabling customers to obtain and respond to insights at the speed of business.

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