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In the worlds of #BigData, #NoSQL and relational databases, #Splice Machine’s name doesn’t come up that often. But a closer look at the company’s product, architectural approach and CEO put them on my radar a while back. And Version 2 of the product, which is being announced today, has made that radar dot much brighter. #Hadoop
Have RDBMS cake, eat NoSQL scaling, too
Before we look at version 2, let’s cover the motivation behind v1. Specifically, Splice Machine looked long and hard at some pressing database conundrums:

The relational database model (along with SQL) works well — best, in fact — in many circumstances, but scaling it has always been hard.NoSQL databases are much easier to scale but the schema-less model and lack of “ACID” (Atomicity/Consistency/Isolation/Durability) guarantees can be disorienting.Hadoop scales well too, and its HDFS file system has become an important storage standard, but Hadoop’s batch model can also cause dissonance for relational database professionals

The solution: create an ACID-compliant, SQL relational database on top ofApache HBase – a NoSQL database that uses HDFS as its storage layer. Now you’ve got SQL, the relational model, ACID/transactional consistency, horizontal scaling and HDFS, all in one product

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