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#SpaceX  is keeping relatively close to schedule on one of the bold timelines pronounced by its CEO #Elon Musk  — an unusual but welcome twist from the company’s track record of sticking to its predicted timelines. Specifically, SpaceX notes that it has now completed seven system tests of the latest, upgraded version of the parachutes it plans to use with its Crew Dragon capsule when that launches with astronauts on board for the first time.

The parachute system is crucial, because it’s what provides the safe descent for astronauts on board the Crew Dragon when they return to Earth from the International Space Station once SpaceX’s crewed spacecraft is past the testing phase and fully operational. SpaceX has developed multiple iterations of the parachute system, and is currently on version 3, which features upgraded, more durable materials and new seam sewing processes to provide maximum strength.

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