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Sources in the system builder community tell CRN that Intel is the mystery customer that #Supermicro referred to when it discussed a 30,000-plus server deal for a super-high-efficiency data center. San Jose, Calif.-based Super Micro Computer, better known as Supermicro, said on Monday that a Fortune 100 customer in Silicon Valley had installed over 30,000 Supermicro #MicroBlade disaggregated, #Intel Xeon processor-based servers into a data center with a PUE of 1.06.  “PUE,” or power usage effectiveness, is an industry-standard measure of a data center’s power efficiency. PUE rates the amount of power that goes into a data center compared to the power used by the equipment used for computing. Power in excess of what is used for computing, or the overhead, goes to the facilities related to the data center, in particular the cooling systems.

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