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#Cisco is privately disavowing the eagerly anticipated #Nutanix – Cisco #hypeconverged offering, telling channel partners that the networking giant is in no way publicly supporting it and leaving Nutanix “confused” by Cisco’s stance. “Cisco is in no way publicly supporting nor advertising the Nutanix capabilities,” said one source familiar with the situation. “Essentially, Cisco is saying Nutanix is like any other guy off the street who can buy a bunch of #UCS [Unified Compute System] servers, slap software on them, and sell them as an appliance.” Hyper-converged superstar Nutanix has been actively in talks for months to build a specialized hyper-converged offering with Cisco UCS. Nutanix is expected to announce the hyper-converged offering in the near future without Cisco technical support. “Cisco will provide the classic hardware/firmware-level of support for the servers themselves, but will in no way offer any support for the Nutanix software laying on top,” said the source. “Essentially, this means no single [phone] number for support. A customer would have to deal with Nutanix for software issues and Cisco for hardware issues separately. The age-old game of finger pointing will no doubt ensue.”

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