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Derek Hanson, who lives in Lavon, Texas, paid $1,000 to reserve Tesla’s solar roof tiles, known as the Solar Roof, in September 2017. He wasn’t given an installation timeline but was told his odds of receiving a Solar Roof would have been better if he lived in California. 

He canceled his reservation after seven months. 

“This is never going to happen,” he recalled thinking at the time. 

Before canceling, Hanson found Tesla’s customer-service department difficult to reach, and when he did get in touch, he couldn’t tell whether the representatives he talked to were familiar with the details of his reservation or were giving him the same answer they gave everyone who asked when they would receive their Solar Roof: We don’t know. Hanson got the feeling that the Solar Roof wasn’t ready for production. 

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in 2016 that the electric-car maker and its green-energy subsidiary SolarCity were preparing to bring solar roof tiles to market that would set his companies apart from rivals. 

Three years later, five current and former reservation-holders who signed up for the Solar Roof told Business Insider they’ve been kept in the dark about when the product will be delivered.

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