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#SolidFire boss Dave Wright talked with El Reg and discussed the vendor’s upcoming hyper-converged system based on its own nodes. Wright was SolidFire CEO when #NetApp bought the company towards the end of 2015 and is now VP and General Manager of SolidFire within NetApp. We tried, but were unable to get him to talk any about product details or timescales. He confirmed that the product will carry on using x86-powered processors and that SolidFire software will provide the server SAN capability, not needing #VSAN or other server SAN software. It will, of course, have sufficient CPU power and memory to run applications, but he didn’t specify suppliers, CPU types, core numbers, etc. Wright said he sees gaps in the existing hyper-converged infrastructure market around running enterprise workloads and says the SolidFire HCI will run tier one workloads. This is not going to be a product aimed at running VDI-type workloads in remote and branch offices with limited node scalability counts. So, we think, quite a lot of CPU horsepower and RAM is going to have to be added to the existing SolidFire nodes to cater for this.

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