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Initial deployments of software-defined storage ( #SDS) are primarily focused on the storage of unstructured data, according to Larry Morris, senior product manager at #SUSE #Linux. This was because most customer data was unstructured data, and unstructured data was also growing much more rapidly than structured data, he told iTWire in a detailed interview. The Germany-based SUSE announced its software-defined storage product back in 2014 and Morris, who in an earlier life designed proprietary storage systems with #HP, said some examples of use cases where SUSE Enterprise Storage was deployed included disk-based back-up where the software-defined storage solution was used to store the back-up data. “Other use cases are storage for large files such as medical images or video surveillance data; archival data that has not been accessed in a while and is migrated from primary storage systems; and on-premise cloud storage using a SUSE Enterprise Storage #Amazon #S3 -compliant interface,” he said.,-says-suse-expert.html

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