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Together, #Permabit ‘s VDO data reduction for #Linux ® and #LINBIT ‘s #DRBD ® software, allow enterprises to replicate data in a distributed storage cluster with high speed data deduplication and compression, maximizing bandwidth efficiency. In LINBIT’s tested dataset, pairing DRBD with VDO reduced the replication network and storage utilization by ~85% while increasing load by ~0.8. The full results are located here. Since 2001, LINBIT has been developing and supporting the Linux replication software, DRBD. In 2005, LINBIT created a Geo-Clustering software called DRBD Proxy, primarily used for Disaster Recovery (DR) purposes. LINBIT’s HA and DR software works on any commodity hardware, and is now being used as a Software-Defined Storage (SDS) platform, perfect for cloud and virtualization environments. Since the DRBD software replicates data at the block level, users can replicate any filesystem, VM, or application that runs on Linux. “For years, enterprises who were tired of paying proprietary SAN vendors have been switching to DRBD on commodity hardware for resilient storage. More recently, private and hybrid cloud buyers have been demanding open solutions to data storage,” said Greg Eckert, Business Development Manager for LINBIT. “By partnering with Permabit, our clients can use LINBIT’s Software-Defined Storage approach to beat both the performance and cost of proprietary hardware vendors.”

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