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#SnapLogic features a hybrid cloud architecture and a library of more than 400 Snaps. Snaps are pre-built integration components that can be used to connect to a specific data source or application. The new #Hive Snap is a Snap for the #Apache Hive data warehouse. According to the press release, the new Hive Snap “automates execution of Data Manipulation Language (DML) and Data Definition Language (DDL) statements for rapid queries on either #Cloudera- or #Hortonworks -based Hadoop clusters.” The new #Teradata Snap is used to connect to a Teradata database in order to perform business analytics. The SnapLogic #Hadooplex is a data processing engine that is deployed on a Hadoop cluster. The SnapLogic Hadooplex has been enhanced so that data processing in Hadoop clusters is more flexible and secure.

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