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On the ground in San Francisco, CBR reports from #RSAConference 2017 where #MichaelDell was a surprise guest at the opening keynote of the show.

An unlikely individual opened #RSA Conference 2017, with actor John Lithgow asking the audience to ‘imagine a hacked planet’, where there was no security to protect freedom and property. With the audience fired up from the actor’s rousing address, it was Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan’s, CTO at RSA Security up on stage first, with his keynote address centered on the thinking that security is not a technology problem, but a business problem. Pointing to the ‘chaos’ of recent economic and political events, the CTO drew on the recent chaos of the 2016 US Presidential election, stating that technology had certainly changed the discourse in the wake of the election. “It was mainstream front-page news and rocked the foundations of democracy. It demonstrated that our problem isn’t limited to initial cyber-attacks. More, it’s the long tail of chaos it creates,” said the CTO. Dr. Ramzan went on to make a bold statement of how democracy is at risk, stating that the ‘idea of foreign governments’ launching cyber attacks to disrupt a democratic process as having very severe effects on the modern world.

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