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#Seagate noted during its earnings call today that HDD storage capacity hit a record 61.7 exabytes (EB) during the fiscal fourth quarter, on the heels of 60.6 EB in Q2 and 55.6 EB in Q3. Average per-drive capacity soared to a record 1.7 TB in Seagate’s fiscal Q4, which ended on July 1. Steve Luczo, Seagate’s chairman and CEO, said demand was stronger than expected from cloud service providers (CSPs) in the fourth quarter. He noted that, on a year-over-year basis, average per-drive capacity grew 29%. In fiscal 2016, Seagate shipped 233 exabytes, including 70 exabytes for its “business-critical” product line – a 28% increase over the prior year.

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