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#Scale Computing, the market leader in #hyperconverged storage, server and virtualization solutions for midsized companies, today launched its #ScaleCare Remote Recovery Service, a Disaster Recovery as a Service ( #DRaaS ) offering that provides offsite protection for businesses at a price that fits the size and budget of their datacenter needs. Building on the resiliency and high availability of the HC3 Virtualization Platform, ScaleCare Remote Recovery Service is the final layer of protection from Scale Computing needed to ensure business continuity for organizations of all sizes. ScaleCare Remote Recovery Service is a cost-effective alternative to backup and offsite shipping of physical media or third-party vendor hosted backup options. Built into the HC3 management interface, users can quickly and easily set up protection for any number of virtual machines to Scale Computing’s SAEE-16 SOC 2 certified, PCI compliant, remote datacenter hosted by LightBound. “The ScaleCare Remote Recovery Service has put my mind at ease when it comes to recovery,” said David Reynolds, IT manager at Lectrodryer LLC. “Setting up automatic monthly, weekly, daily and minute snapshots of my VMs is unbelievably easy. All these are pushed to the cloud automatically and removed on the date you set them to expire. Highly recommended.” ScaleCare Remote Recovery Service provides all the services and support businesses need without having to manage and pay for a private remote disaster recovery site. Whether protecting only critical workloads or an entire HC3 environment, users pay for only the VM protection they need without any upfront capital expense. Built on snapshot technology already built into the HC3 HyperCore architecture, ScaleCare Remote Recovery Service allows users to customize their replication schedules to maximize protection, retention and bandwidth efficiency. After the initial replica is made, only changed blocks are sent to the remote data center. Remote availability of failover VMs within minutes, failback to on-site local HC3 clusters and rollbacks to point-in-time snapshots as needed provide ultimate data protection and availability.

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