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” #Bigdata is only going to get bigger and richer, as well as originate and flow from an increasing number of sources, both internal and external,” according to a report from Forrester Research titled “Ultra-Fast Data Access Is The Key To Unleashing Full Big Data Potential.” Enterprises need a “modern data analytics strategy that provides a ubiquitous, real-time data access layer to all relevant data from all different sources,” the report noted. To meet the needs of these enterprises, #SAP is continuing to invest in providing business users with access to advanced analytics tools that use its #HANA in-memory, column-oriented, relational database management system, said Anne Moxie, senior analyst at Boston-based Nucleus Research. Werner Hopf, CEO of Dolphin Enterprise Solutions Corp., agreed with Moxie’s assessment. Dolphin is an SAP partner based in Morgan Hill, Calif. “SAP invested a ton of development over the past two or three years to extend HANA capabilities, so it can also be used as the underlying database for transaction processing systems,” he said. For example, last September, SAP announced HANA Vora, a new in-memory query engine for Hadoop that addresses the challenges companies face as they manage distributed big data, Moxie said.

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