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#NVMe can bring significant benefits in performance and power consumption today, but the new #flashstorage protocol is set for real take off in 2018.
Those are the views of the solid state drive product marketing executive for @SamsungSemiconductor Europe, Kristian Vättö, who told Computer Weekly NVMe will take off as a storage medium in enterprise arrays with the arrival of dual port drives, next generation central processing units (CPUs) and NVMe-over-fabrics (#NVMf ).

The key problem highlighted by Vättö is that currently NAS and SAN have to switch between different protocols when they access storage, transitioning between small computer system interface (SCSI) and Ethernet and Fibre Channel.

“Because they are engaged in protocol switching, latency is added,” said Vättö. “That wasn’t a problem with hard disk drives when their latency was higher than that of the network.”

NVMe is an emerging flash storage protocol that can potentially speed access times by orders of magnitude compared to the SCSI and SATA protocols designed for spinning disk, but still in use for many flash drives.

But, hardware makers need to eliminate SCSI from the input/output (I/O) path and a bottleneck in storage processing to allow NVMe off the leash.

According to Vättö, NVMe’s most successful early adopters are hyperscaleusers. These are the likes of Google, Facebook etc that design their own hardware and software for use in their datacentres and don’t use proprietary storage platforms.

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