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#Samsung is slowly rolling out a new app meant to centralize your photo management. For those using storage with multiple cloud services, Samsung Cloud Together might be a good option for dealing with the mess. And even if you have a well-organized setup, the app also includes a security feature that allows you to password protect selected photos. The overall concept isn’t too far-fetched: You probably have media scattered across more than one place and this app can facilitate easier browsing. In the hero image, you can see how the app allows you to browse multiple services simultaneously. You can pinch to zoom into a single service or out to look at two or three at once. Within the app you can move files between providers as if they were all just directories in the same file system, which is more or less the selling point. At minimum, it can provide a useful interface between your main cloud provider and your local storage, though #Google Photos is probably a more logical option in that simple use case.

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