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Who’s the best CEO in America? According to compensation, culture and career monitoring website Comparably’s latest survey, among large companies, it’s billionaire tech businessman-philanthropist @MarcBenioff, CEO of customer relationship management and cloud services company, “As the original founder of @Salesforce he has a deep connection with the product and employees that uniquely inspires his team,” says Jason Nazar, CEO of Comparbly. “Besides continuing to grow a massively successful public company, he’s been a dynamic leader and consistent voice of company culture issues.” One of those issues has been closing the gender pay and promotion and gap, an issue that has been top of mind given the large number of sexual harassment allegations coming to light in entertainment, politics and business. Benioff pledged to close the gap in 2015 and by early 2017 Salesforce said it had achieved equal pay, promotion and opportunity for female employees.

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