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@Rubrik has revealed plans for expanding its pre-sales and marketing teams in an effort to attract and retain partners. The cloud data management vendor says it plans “go deep” with a smaller number of partners, aiming to become more central to key partners’ businesses.

Outlining his plans for 2018, Rubrik’s VP of worldwide channel, @BertrandYansouni, says Rubrik will also be amping up technical enablement for partners.

“As Rubrik operates on a rapid release cycle – having produced 10 product releases in just four years – we will be sure to provide more technical training to make it easy for partners to quickly get up to speed on the latest product innovations,” Yansouni told Channelnomics in an interview.

The VP claimed that Rubrik’s acquisition of NoSQL data backup specialist Datos IO last month will provide partners with more opportunities across a new set of applications and users.

“Datos IO offers a complementary product offering targeted cloud applications and NoSQL databases managed by application owners, DBAs and DevOps teams,” Yansouni said. “For Datos IO partners, they will now have access to Rubrik’s expanded solution portfolio and vice versa, meaning current partners have more opportunities as a result.”

Yansouni, who joined Rubrik in January, said over the past year, 86 percent of Rubrik’s transacting partners have more than doubled their business.

The exec points to several partner opportunities around data migration, enhanced serviced catalogues and cloud migration.

“Historically, the partner community has built solutions for the enterprise based upon the data primarily residing with the end user or in some cases with somebody managing data on end-user behalf. Now, data is in flight, and the datacenter is being virtualized. Everyone is looking at this migration from physical premise to some sort of hybrid or total virtualization of their datacenters,” he said.

Yansouni also said that organizations are moving beyond legacy data management services to next-generation services, such as cloud migration, reporting and compliance and self-service orchestration. “Those providers that don’t make the jump to next-generation solutions will struggle to differentiate their brand,” he warned.

Elsewhere, Yansouni says Rubrik’s partners and their customers “are racing to develop their cloud strategies”, highlighting hybrid cloud deployments “as a huge opportunity for partners”.

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