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#ADATA recently launched two new solid-state drives ( #SSD s): one it claims is the fastest and smallest external SSD, and the other is a new 2.5-in laptop SSD based on #3DNAND. Here, I review ADATA’s diminutive external SSD as 2.5-in.

At just 2.8-in x 1.7-in x 0.4-in, the ADATA SE730 SSD is not just shirt-pocket friendly, it can practically disappear in your pants pocket among your smartphone and keys. It also comes in a stylish, gold- or red-colored metal case.

The ADATA SE730 SSD uses the USB 3.1 Gen 2 specification (also referred to as SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps) with a reversible Type-C connector. ADATA claims its SSD can support up to 550MBps read and 450MBps write data transfer speeds. That should mean a 5GB file, the size of a typical HD movie, would take 16 seconds to transfer.

The SE730 SSD comes with a USB Type-C-to-USB Type-A cable, but connection to a Micro USB Type-C plug requires a separate cable (not included).

In addition to being stylish, when the attached USB port cover is closed, the drive is both dust proof and water proof up to a depth of about five feet of water for up to an hour; that means it meets the IP68 device protection standard. This is a huge plus in its column, as most SSDs are not waterproof.

Additionally, the SE730 is MIL-STD-810G 516.6 shock-proof certified, which means it can sustain a drop of up to four feet onto a hard surface.

Oddly, ADATA’s SE730 only comes in one capacity: 250GB. ADATA explained that the printed circuit board “is very small and the 250GB capacity is the largest that we can arrange” using two-dimensional (planar) NAND flash.

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