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According to many of the satellite operators of the Asia-Pacific, the sale of satellite capacity to broadband networks operators and television broadcasters is not merely sufficient for supporting growth. It was pointed out by many at the World Satellite Business Week conference that high-throughput satellites which have got high amounts of broadband-optimized capacity are being adopted more. This would mean that more services should be added by the satellite operators to draw the attention of their customers to their products.

Asia Sat CEO, Roger Tong said that merely providing connectivity to a country will not work until applications are brought about which can help in generating economic value. Tong said that additional applications are being examined by Asia Sat of Hong Kong. He further said that when the potential future investments of the satellite operators have to be dealt with it should be seen how the best services can be offered which can complement core competencies and simply taking up any service will result in wastage of money.

CEO of KT Sat, Won-sic Hahn said that their company was studying about quantum encryption as the photons can travel long into space than through a fiber keeping satellite operators at a potential advantage. Hahn has said that they were working with KT Corp, their parent company for the commercialization of quantum key distribution in five years time. He said that this technology would give them a chance to expand their market.

Executive vice president of APT Satellites, Huang Baozhong said that APT Satellite has a Hong Kong based data center which is used to complement their business of satellite communication. He said that the center is being used by banks, airlines and insurance companies as well as broadcasters. The chief operating officer of Measat, Yau Chyong Lim said that their company was making expansions to high-throughput services as there was a decline in its revenue from broadcast business. Lim said that they are planning for a government program to connect the offline citizens of Malaysia.

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