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Since HardOCP unleashed its exclusive about @Nvidia ‘s troublesome #GeForce Partner Program (GPP), there’s been a flurry of both visible and behind-the-scenes in the PC gaming industry. I detailed some of the ripples GPP caused with @Gigabyte and @MSI, meanwhile @HardOCP has a newer story about @ASUS and their new “AREZ” brand. Nvidia has remained disturbingly quiet about the transparent program, but journalist Kyle Bennett has kept ratting cages and has a fresh round of reveals. There’s good news and also very troubling news.

Let’s disclose this up front: the information below concerns @HP and @Dell. Neither of these companies have confirmed any of it officially. The revelations are based on off the record, backchannel discussions conducted by HardOCP’s Kyle Bennett. He’s been in the industry for 2 decades and has more trusted contacts than most, and he’s been correct about many of the original GeForce Partner Program details. Still, it’s always sensible to take unconfirmed reports with a grain of salt.

As you know, the GeForce Partner Program is an incentive created by Nvidia to offer its partners (graphics card companies like ASUS, MSI and Gigabyte) and OEMs (major PC makers like Dell and HP) early access to upcoming technology, robust promotional support and a host of other benefits. That’s the official stance.

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