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The year-long embrace of the @Kubernetes container orchestration management system across the enterprise culminated in @Amazon Web Services Inc.’s announcement last month of its @Elastic #Container Service for the #opensource storage platform. The announcement was not a major surprise, given the news in August that AWS would be joining the #CloudNativeComputingFoundation, but it was well received by developers at the recent AWS re:Invent conference in Austin, Texas, nonetheless. One major reason for the positive response is that Kubernetes has increasingly become a significant element in the design and deployment of applications. For open-source companies like Red Hat Inc., this will be a key focus as the container revolution marches boldly into 2018. “Kubernetes has been the single biggest driving force to shift all enterprise architecture from scale up to scale out. That has created a whole number of ripple effects in how applications are designed within the enterprise,” said Steve Watt (pictured), chief architect of emerging technologies at Red Hat.

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