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@Raritan ®, a leading provider of intelligent data center management and rack power distribution, will be showing at the @Cisco Live conference its solution portfolio for high-performance data centers, such as those built on #Cisco’s Unified Computing System ( #UCS ) blade servers, Cisco #Nexus switches, and other components of the Cisco data center platform. 

“Data center managers are looking for simple and reliable solutions to power their equipment and configure and manage their infrastructure from anywhere,” says David Wood, Director-Power Business at Raritan.  “Our intelligent rack power distribution units(iPDUs) not only power equipment in cabinets reliably and efficiently, but they also tell us how healthy data centers are performing and enable us to make changes remotely.  It’s all the little things in our PDUs – the easy-to-find color chassis, SecureLock™ power cords, remote power control, and an open API – that add up to make a big difference in flexible configuration, automation and deployment.”

Wood will be discussing the Raritan iPDU’s open API in his talk–“Introducing Raritan Flex Config and Zero Touch Deployment, the easiest way to leverage your PDU infrastructure” – on Tuesday, July 12, at 5:30 pm in the Cisco Live show floor theater.

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