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In this podcast, the @RadioFree #HPC team looks at the new interactive USA #Supercomputing Map from @Hyperion Research. “The mapped sites include government, academic and industrial HPC data centers, along with HPC vendors. This powerful tool can be used to identify the economic impact of HPC in a user-defined area (state, Congressional district, et al.) or for the United States as a whole, or to understand where HPC jobs are located, as well as who the Congressional district representatives are.” As part of the discussion, Rich recaps Hyperion’s recent HPC User Forum in Tucson. The event featured an extended session on Quantum Computing with presentations by D-Wave Systems, Google, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, NIST, and Rigetti Computing. You can watch them all right here on insideHPC.  After that, we do our Catch of the Week: Henry is concerned about about the privacy implications raised by near-relative DNA methods used to catch the Golden State Killer. Henry notes that Gartner’s claim that AI is going to deliver $3.9 Trillion dollars in Global Business Value by 2022. Shahin reminds us that this week marked the 25th anniversary of the first Mosaic browser. Dan notes that Amazon logged $1.6 Billion in profits for the first quarter, a big jump from last year thanks to substantial growth in AWS. Meanwhile, Microsoft Azure is up 93 percent this quarter as well.

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