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When it comes to technological advancement, there is a salient but huge competition between the US and China. For every new technology, both countries want to be the first to get there. China seems to be ahead in 5G technology. Thus it has an advantage in many technological advancements associated with 5G. Qualcommbelieves that the US may lag behind China in the commercialization of autonomous vehicles. This is because China already has a plan to implement a standard design of the use of 5G technology in the field of automotive interconnection.

Patrick Little, senior vice president of Qualcomm, said that China will “save hundreds of lives faster than us because we are not sure which way is best for the long-term road map of the Western world.”…”If we can adopt a common standard, we can deploy this technology faster, saving a lot of money and saving a lot of time.”

Qualcomm wants the C-V2X 5G standard against Wi-Fi standards

Qualcomm and more than 100 companies are working hard to push global regulators to adopt a standard called C-V2X. This will run on the 5G network. This technology will enable vehicles and infrastructure to transmit real-time traffic data to each other and reduce accidents. Competing technologies use Wi-Fi standards. According to IHS Markit, the automotive electronic data transmission market they are pursuing will grow to $9.2 billion by 2025.

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