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MILPITAS, CA –(Marketwired – August 23, 2016) – #ProphetStor Data Services, Inc., the leader in ( #SDS ) software-defined storage solutions, announced today a significant expansion of its global patent portfolio, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to innovation and leadership of the storage systems. ProphetStor has successfully received notice from United State Patent and Trademark Office about the assignment of the patent entitled “Method for encapsulating functions for application programming interfaces in a cloud environment.” The patent is part of the recent assignment that are able to reuse the management functions from popular storage systems in the market and provide the storage federation functions. Coupled with the patented technologies ProphetStor have for analytics and orchestration functions, the ProphetStor Federator® platform can facilitate the storage agnostic data services which provides a dynamic features for its customers. Federator features a comprehensive open RESTful API that allows software vendors to develop rich data service applications based on a flat storage infrastructure. With the RESTful APIs, the administrators can now have the capability to offer data services, such as Disaster Recovery, Database Virtualization, and Data Delivery solutions with ease and without any concerns to rework on other storage systems.

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