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In hands-on testing, PT found that the Intel processor-powered #DellEMC #PowerEdge #FC640 solution handled significantly more operations per second for #Apache #Cassandra workloads compared to a legacy solution, while fitting into less rack space. DURHAM, N.C. (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 27, 2017 Organizations that want to run @Apache @Cassandra #databases in their private cloud can benefit from a robust infrastructure to power these workloads. Principled Technologies (PT) tested the Apache Cassandra performance of two @DellEMC PowerEdge FX2s chassis with four Dell EMC PowerEdge FC640 servers powered by @Intel Xeon Gold processors and FD332 storage (Dell EMC PowerEdge FC640 solution) vs. that of four Dell EMC PowerEdge R710 servers with onboard storage (legacy solution). According to the report, “this new [Dell EMC PowerEdge FC640] solution could dramatically outperform a previous-generation solution…while fitting into half the rack space. This means that with the Dell EMC PowerEdge FC640 solution, you could serve more end-user requests and potentially save on datacenter space-related expenses.”

To learn more about how private cloud infrastructures that run Apache Cassandra databases could benefit from the new Dell EMC PowerEdge FC640 solution, read the full report at and see the infographic at

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