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Durham, NC (PRWEB) January 13, 2017 Companies can improve datacenter efficiency by maximizing the number of database transactions their servers and storage deliver. Principled Technologies (PT) measured the #SQLServer2016 performance of a modern #DellEMC environment containing #PowerEdge #FC630 servers powered by Intel processors along with a #DellEMC Storage #SC9000 all-flash array. PT found that the strong performance of this solution doubled with the addition of a host-based caching solution and Dell EMC Express Flash #NVMe Performance PCIe SSDs. Being able to perform a given amount of work with fewer servers can yield savings in admin time, operating costs, and datacenter space. ?When we added a caching solution to accelerate the SQL database volumes, the performance across the 36 SQL Server 2016 VMs doubled to 871,580,” said the PT report. ?These numbers show the power of server-side caching to alleviate pressure on the storage array allowing you to get even more out of the Dell EMC modern environment.”

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