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Storage is wasteful. Over time, inefficiencies in the way storage is allocated and reclaimed for reuse, though minute, have a way of adding up. It’s tantamount to throwing money down the drain. That wastefulness can become unmanageable and costly as multiple storage systems in multiple infrastructures, both on premises and in the cloud, accrue and remain unaware of each other. Mark Lewis, chairman and CEO of Formation Data Systems, is on a mission to find and reclaim idle storage. In this podcast, Lewis explains Formation’s approach to solving the predicament by consolidating network resources into a single unified environment, which presents an opportunity to tackle underused server virtualization. Call it hyperscale software-defined storage. “The master problem we set out to solve was to give classic IT shops the ability to have low-cost, high TCO value, very agile storage that looks like cloud storage,” Lewis says. The problem with storage is that while other technologies have advanced to the point of being indistinguishable from their predecessors, storage is still predicated on a RAID model that has changed little in more than two decades. “Storage folks are very conservative, [but] we think it’s time for it to change.”

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