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#CiscoLive ! – #Pluribus Networks, the premier network fabric and analytics solutions provider, today announced the next phase of its award-winning network performance and monitoring solution, its #VCFcenter ™ platform and VCF application portfolio. VCFcenter is a single pane of glass that combines a big data approach to network visibility with web-scale analytics to offer a business-level network analytics solution. VCFcenter can be deployed in any new or existing campus, branch or data center at a dramatically lower price-point than any other network analytics offering currently on the market. “The Modern Enterprise is rapidly adopting software-defined and hyperconverged compute and storage solutions due to the simplicity and value they offer the end user. They are also adding big data, mobility and even IoT applications to their IT strategies,” said Tom Burns, VP and GM of Networking Products at #Dell. “The network itself and the business-level analytics which can be derived from it have once again become a critical success factor for our customers. Working with Pluribus enables Dell and its partners to offer an affordable and complementary business-management solution at the network layer.” VCFcenter is a true analytics platform that provides a wide range of foundational services, including secure user access, common user interface and shared data repository to all of the applications that are hosted within its framework. Deploying VCFcenter allows organizations to collect and analyze contextual information about business service application flows, and can scale into the billions of flows for web-scale applications. VCFcenter and its applications provide performance metrics associated with the use of any business service, from the packet, to the network flow or even the application level.

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