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“HCI is a good way to build a private cloud very efficiently and simply, and a lot of our customers are looking at building a private cloud with HCI. Our focus is on data center networking and building very converged networking systems that are easy to scale out.” – Mat Mathews, SDxCentral In case you missed it, this summer I had the opportunity to catch up with editor Jessica Hardcastle and share my thoughts on #hyperconverged infrastructure ( #HCI ) and our recent partnership with #bigdata firm @DecisionLab. My comments appeared in SDxCentral, where we discussed how HCI is on the rise, intent-based networking, and the benefits of @Plexxi ’s partnership with Decision Lab which allows for the integration of real-time analytics into our platform. You can check out the full story here for more details. Below please find a few of our top picks for our favorite news articles of the week. ComputerWeekly: Hyper-converged infrastructure and disaster recovery By Chris Evans Hyper-converged infrastructure delivers cost savings through a combination of slimmed-down hardware and greater operational improvements. The operational benefits of hyper-converged allow organisations to focus on the needs of the application rather than feed the infrastructure beast. Disaster recovery is a major component of any infrastructure design, including hyper-converged infrastructure. So, can hyper-converged architecture reduce the impact of implementing disaster recovery? TechTarget: HCI software platforms come with challenges, benefits By Clive Longbottom Hyper-converged infrastructure comes with a degree of vendor lock-in and can lack the basic freedom to grow each resource separately. But now, with software-only hyper-converged, it is possible for users to provide their own hardware systems and apply HCI software over the top. This essentially mimics the functionality of an HCI appliance but offers more flexibility. Hyper-converged infrastructure is good for running multiple workloads on the same underlying hardware and is often marketed as a cloud-in-a-box system with elastic resource allocation, high resource utilization and low manual systems management requirements. What do you think? Share your opinions about these stories with us on Twitter. The post PlexxiPulse – Plexxi Hyperconverged Networking Fabric Integrates Real-Time Analytics appeared first on Plexxi.

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