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CAMPBELL, CA–(Marketwired – Dec 21, 2016) – #Panzura ® today announced the general availability of its new #FreedomArchive product — designed to cost-effectively manage, store and access archive data from any cloud and any location. Freedom Archive is perfect for long-term management, storage and access of surveillance video, healthcare imaging, seismic data, life sciences information, and other valuable data. Today, customers such as Chevron, American College of Radiology, NBC Universal, Time Warner Cable, and multiple law enforcement agencies use Freedom Archive as their high performance, active archive solution. Freedom Archive eliminates the need to store less frequently accessed data on expensive primary or secondary storage from vendors like #NetApp or #EMC or transfer it to more traditional archiving methods such as tape or optical disk. Instead, Freedom Archive combines the benefits of high-performance local cache for high speed, on demand access to important data with the economics and limitless capacity of cloud storage to make archiving of petabytes of data dramatically simpler, faster and less expensive. “As surveillance and body cam video continue to be an integral public safety tool used by police departments and as healthcare legislation increases mandates for the retention of patient data, these organizations run into the problem of how they can safely and cost-effectively store this growing amount of information and still be able to quickly and easily retrieve it when required,” said Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst, ESG. “Panzura’s Freedom Archive addresses those needs by providing access to video recordings and/or medical records that wouldn’t otherwise be as easily accessible if it resided on tape at an offsite location. Instead, users can implement Freedom Archive to move this data to the cloud to ensure they still have access while keeping costs under control.” Freedom Archive includes the ability to identify and move archive data from expensive and older on-premise storage solutions to the cloud at a fraction of the cost. Its smart data policy management ensures high-performance access to the data that matters while storing the colder, inactive data on inexpensive cloud storage. All data is compressed and de-duped to ensure maximum cloud storage efficiency. And, Freedom Archive delivers military-grade encryption for data at rest and in flight for strong data security, enabling use by highly regulated and unregulated industries alike. “With the staggering exponential growth in content resulting from the confluence of technology advancements and digital transformation, cost effectively managing content is now a business imperative for large, medium and even small businesses around the world,” said Russ Kennedy vice president, Product Strategy and Customer Success, #IBM Cloud. “The linkage to object storage services in IBM Cloud and IBM Cloud #ObjectStorage through #Panzura ‘s Freedom Archive offers choice.” “We continue to see a tremendous amount of inactive data being stored on-premise in extremely expensive local storage,” said Patrick Harr, chief executive officer at Panzura. “By deploying Freedom Archive, organizations now have the opportunity to transfer this still important information to the cloud while retaining the flexibility and accessibility needed in the most secure and cost-effective manner possible.”

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