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@Oracle has swiped at cloud competitor @Amazon Web Services ( #AWS), claiming its new automated database is one tenth of the cost. The dig from co-CEO @MarkHurd came after Oracle released patchy quarterly numbers, with cloud revenue up but new licence and hardware revenue down. Speaking on an earnings call, transcribed by @SeekingAlpha, Hurd talked up Oracle’s new autonomous database. During its previous quarterly results Oracle attributed a slowing of cloud sales to the anticipation of the database, which launched at the start of the year. “The amazing thing about the autonomous database is that it is the only database on the planet that requires no human labour to administer,” he said. “Oracle has a faster database than Amazon, it’s no big surprise there, but the interesting thing [is that] Amazon charges by the minute and we charge by the minute; our prices are essentially the same or close enough. “If we run 10 times faster, we are one tenth the cost of Amazon’s database. We’ve been through all the public benchmarks – you can go and look at them – we’re one tenth the cost.” For the three months ending 28 February Oracle saw revenue up six per cent year on year to $9.8bn (£6.9bn). Cloud revenue rose 32 per cent to $1.6bn, while hardware sales fell three per cent to $994m and software sales were up four per cent to $6.41bn. New software sales fell two per cent, however. On-premise software revenue still accounts for two thirds of Oracle’s total, but Oracle said 85 per cent of its customers are still to move to the cloud, creating a “huge opportunity”. Oracle’s share price fell almost seven per cent in after-hours trading. Angela Eager, research director at TechMarketView, highlighted that Oracle’s cloud business is consistently slowing.

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