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Is @OpenText ( #OTEX ) the appropriate company on which to focus attention and energy as a strategy for taking advantage of the pullback? There are plenty of companies on which I could write and plan to write over the coming weeks that are quite attractive given the correction. Being laid low by a seasonable malady, rather than enjoying a more active role in the debacle of the past few days, has put my report writing behind what I had planned. Rather than immediately reprising some further paeans of praise for the results of @Amazon (AMZN) or @Microsoft (MSFT), I will try to look at a few dusty corners that have seen just as much carnage as well as some more controversial names, where earnings are just part of the story. The conventional advice is that the larger, more widely held names will come back first – and that may be so this time around. On the other hand, I like to look at dustier corners, and it would be hard to deny that OTEX is not in a dustier corner. I have written about OTEX and its technologies several times in the past. It is probably the leading competitor in the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) space, a not inconsiderable component of the enterprise IT landscape. The company bought its largest single competitor, Documentum, from @DellEMC about a year ago and has already integrated that major purchase. I do not propose to try to reprise an analysis of all the different technologies that are offered by this company as I have done so on previous occasions. It has started to execute a cross-selling opportunity that has been a long time in gestation. It probably offers more and deeper functionality in the EIM space than its principal competitors which include Oracle (ORCL), Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT), and IBM (NYSE:IBM). I have linked to the latest Gartner evaluation of the competitors in the space which was made last September. As can be seen, OTEX remains a leader with a very positive set of evaluations.

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