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The @LinuxFoundation is hosting a little-known open source project that’s doing #softwaredefinedstorage. The #OpenSDS project officially launched with the #Linux Foundation in November 2016. And it recently issued its first code release — #Aruba. The impetus of the project was to bring together different companies to collaborate on an open storage platform, said Steven Tan, chairman of the OpenSDS technical steering committee and CTO of cloud storage solutions at Huawei. There are so many open source projects for compute and networking. The founders of OpenSDS wanted something for storage.

Some of the vendors behind the start of OpenSDS were @Hitachi, @Huawei, and @Fujitsu. @Dell EMC joined a bit later. The group also includes end users of #softwaredefinedstorage such as @Vodafone, @YahooJapan, and @NTTCommunications.

“A lot of end users have a traditional IT set-up, and if they have cloud-native apps they still need to connect to the existing IT infrastructure,” said Tan. “A lot of projects are just addressing one environment. We’re trying to connect the dots and make sure to provide a framework that connects traditional with cloud-native.”

Similar to SDN, software-defined storage separates the control plane from the data plane. OpenSDS is creating the control plane for storage. Tan said it doesn’t matter whether the underlying storage is handled by hardware or software. The OpenSDS code provides a management and control interface.

“It’s definitely a very challenging endeavor,” said Tan. “In terms of more traditional storage like block or file, each vendor does stuff differently. OpenSDS is a consistent way to manage different storage.”

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