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In the twelve months since open sourcing, @OpenEBS has become the most liked project of its type on @GitHub with a substantial contributor and user community. Users are now talking at meet-ups around the world about how they use OpenEBS to simplify and improve the storage of important data created by #microservices, whether running in enterprise #datacenters or on the #cloud.   This success has not gone unnoticed by partners that use @Kubernetes in their solutions.   Today @MayaData, the company behind @OpenEBS, has announced partnerships with @RedHat @OpenShift and @StackPointCloud, two of the leading Kubernetes based management platforms now available. OpenEBS was certified by both partners and now is an available default option for storage for the leading orchestration solution Kubernetes; OpenEBS runs on Kubernetes to provide storage to Kubernetes. Importantly, OpenEBS can run in conjunction with underlying shared storage to provide better control and performance while extending the life of existing shared storage systems. Technical leads from StackPointCloud and the OpenEBS community are doing two online Hangout / AMA sessions to demonstrate OpenEBS on StackPointCloud serving Jenkins and other workloads on Friday Feb 16, 2018.

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