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#Opensource, #softwaredefined storage ( #SDS ) and a #hybrid on-premises/cloud model have all converged in a new commercial offering announced by @Nexenta. The company specializes in enterprise-centric software-only storage management services for any scale-up or scale-out workload, using any protocol, on any software or hardware infrastructure — what it calls Nexenta #AnyCloud. Nexenta has chosen the @Amazon Web Services Inc. ( #AWS) cloud for extending its software-defined storage offering to a hybrid model. The company is targeting users of its “open-source driven” Software-Defined Storage ( #OpenSDS) solution who want to go hybrid, wherein they can take advantage of AWS’ cloud-native file and block storage services for their business apps, integrating with on-premises implementations. To do that, the company launched NexentaCloud in AWS on the AWS Marketplace. Several services, coming with different storage capacities, are offered, all with free trials available.

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