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wholesale #fiberoptic services provider @OpenFiber has completed the commercial trial of 200-Gbps optical transmission on part of its new Zion fiber-optic network backbone. The trial, conducted on a link running between Rome and Florence, used technology from Huawei. “We arrive at 200 Giga, thanks to new capabilities for signal modulation and error correction as well as new hardware used, which is the most advanced in the market of digital and optical components,” stated Stefano Paggi, CTO of Open Fiber. The Zion fiber network will connect 270 cities and use Huawei technology throughout, the systems house says. Open Fiber expects to use its Zion fiber-optic network to support a highly automated broadband leasing business with different service-level agreements (SLAs) at layers from L0 to L3, Huawei says. The service provider also expects to play a role in Italy’s National Broadband strategy, which aims to provide 100-Mbps broadband services to 85% of Italy’s population and 30-Mbps broadband to all Italian citizens. Huawei asserts it will help Open Fiber achieve both goals through the provision of optical transport systems that leverage a wide variety of technologies. These technologies include transport software-defined networking (TSDN), optical ASON, programmable 100G/200G transmission, flexible grid, embedded OTDR, and OSNR monitoring. The use of TSDN capabilities will enable rapid service provisioning, high reliability, agile O&M, and resource-optimizing synergy with the IP layer, the company adds. For related articles, visit the Network Design Topic Center. For more information on high-speed transmission systems and suppliers, visit the Lightwave Buyer’s Guide.

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