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I’m constantly looking for technical projects my son and I can enjoy working on together. As a father that spends most of his days time immersed in #datacenter technologies, and having a son that spends the majority of his free time playing video games, I thought it only fitting that with our forces combined we embark on the VR PC building journey. I spent time researching the differences between the @HTCVive and @Facebooks Oculus Rift #VR platforms. The choice for me to go with Oculus Rift was simple once reading about the Rift Core 2.0 update. Below is a list of hardware components purchased for my VR platform. I’d ask you to wish me luck but who needs luck when your prepared? 
Luck Is What Happens When Preparation Meets  Opportunity“. @Seneca

@AMD #Ryzen 7 1700
@MSI #X370 Gaming Pro Carbon
@Nvidia #GTX 1080Ti
@Geil 16gb DDR4
@Nvidia 750 watt Gold PS
@Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64bit
@Samsung 850 #VNand EVO 500gb
@Samsung 960 #NVMe EVO M.2 250gb
@NZXT H440 Mid Tower

Have a great weekend. I know I will!

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