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Oculus has spent years selling virtual reality fans on a diverse ecosystem of products. At last year’s Oculus Connect developer conference, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed off a family of headsets for different kinds of VR: the low-end Oculus Go, the tethered Oculus Rift, and the midrange Oculus Quest. This year, Oculus’ message was subtler, but no less clear: there’s only one headset that matters for consumers, and it’s the Quest.

Up until this point, Oculus has clearly explained why people should want its three flagship devices in their homes. (The Samsung Gear VR still exists, but Oculus admits it’s essentially dead.) The Oculus Go is cheaper and has its own ecosystem of video-focused apps and simple games, but it doesn’t offer full positional tracking or virtual hands. The Rift is for people who want VR without any limitations on how big or resource-intensive a game can be. The Quest is Oculus’ stab at “mainstream” VR. It has similar capabilities to the Rift, but it doesn’t require buying any additional equipment.

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