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At the start of 2018, the storage industry is prepared for an influx of ultrafast, low-latency #NVMe -based enterprise #flash storage and even higher-performing new memory technologies. Technology executives at leading vendors and storage analysts predict the industry will begin to shift to NVMe-based PCI Express SSDs in 2018 and eventually to enterprise flash storage arrays that support nonvolatile memory express over Fabrics ( #NVMe-oF ) to extend the performance benefits across a network. On the horizon, they also see new memory technologies, such as #3DXPoint from @Intel and @Micron, @Samsung #ZNAND and other emerging #storage class memory ( #SCM ) options, becoming a major disruptive force in the industry. The lightning-fast memory technologies could spur a new wave of software options and storage rearchitecting to address bottlenecks that have shifted from hardware to legacy software stacks. Below are predictions on enterprise flash storage, NVMe technologies and emerging persistent memory options that SearchStorage collected from industry experts.

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