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During .Next 2017, held in Washington DC in June, @Nutanix announced #Xtract for VMs beta release, a key component in simplifying organizations’ Nutanix Enterprise Cloud adoption when there are existing workloads that need to be migrated. Following three months of beta testing, and many successful Nutanix and customer migrations, we are proud to announce that Xtract for VMs 1.0 is now generally available to Nutanix customers. Migrations versus Replacing or Rebuilding During the IT planning phase for brownfield projects, organizations decide on how to handle existing applications and VMs/workloads, depending on whether an application-centric or infrastructure-centric approach is required. Each of these can be handled manually by replacing, rebuilding or re-architecting them, or, they can be automated using migration or application deployment tools. Xtract for VMs radically simplifies the adoption of Nutanix Enterprise Cloud by automating the manual steps required to move VMs from a VMware ESXi source infrastructure to Nutanix AHV. The benefits of migrating workloads in this manner are easily justified: VM migration projects can be considerably quicker to complete than performing manual rebuilds or sourcing and testing replacements products. Automating migrations frees up infrastructure admins’ time to carry out other tasks. Automated migrations are not prone to human error, resulting in more consistent migration results Migrating from ESXi to AHV frees up customers’ licensing budgets for other projects Easy Deployment & Intuitive UI As customers have come to expect from Nutanix, Xtract for VMs has ease of use and flexibility in mind. Xtract for VMs is deployed as a simple app, with a UI that is straightforward to navigate. Following the initial deployment, an IT administrator needs to follow a few simple steps to initiate VM migrations: Register the source VMware ESXi and target Nutanix AHV clusters to be used for migrations Create a migration plan selecting one, or many VMs to migrate Add appropriate source-VM credentials to allow for VM pre-migration preparation Map the source-VM’s network connections to the target infrastructure’s networks IT administrators can easily group multi-tiered or dependent applications together, enabling them to be migrated as one. Additionally, all AHV supported OSs are supported by Xtract for VMs.

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